This Is Unforgivable !!

A mother kept her unwanted baby in the closet, starving her for months! The baby was claimed to be the result of a rape.

This is something I just cannot comprehend. The mental state of the mother after going through such an ordeal is one thing. Maybe she was embarrassed and had no support or understanding and I’m sure this was a terrible traumatic event for her, but when does her common sense or morals come into play?
When doesn’t someone know right from wrong? As she was already a mother, where are her nurturing instincts for this child?
If the sight of this child was too traumatic for her to look at, there are options for her to give up the child….not….. to give up on

Click This Link below to view the whole story. Please be aware tat this content could be distressing.

A criminal investigation was initiated against Zykova who allegedly told the police her estranged husband raped her and she did not want the baby


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