The Schemer – Domestic Violence

The manipulating personality of a cleverly disturbed narcissist. ‘A Schemer‘ that becomes demeaning, ridiculing, frightening and unpredictable.

Slowly they move their personality in,  leaving you confused, overwhelmed and feeling guilty of even thinking of questioning their character. How dare you have thoughts of your own. Your ‘Human Rights‘, your dignity. Shattered, without your consent.

Unless the schemer is controlling every situation, they will create drama, even if and when there is none. An exhibitionist,  vying for your attention and they’ll do anything to get it. Harmful acts upon themselves or innocent others. Dramatizing situations and manipulating facts. The use of these secretive, sick, persuasive games lures you into there train of thought. Slowly you conform to keep the peace.

Life is a constant battle. Walking on eggshells becomes a daily chore. You become exhausted, sad and withdrawn. They have won, broken you down. This lifestyle becomes routine. The minute you start to question your situation, they’re ready to pounce again, one step ahead of you, with more tricks and wizardry up their sleeve, to lure you back in once again and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Until you are strong.  Until you fight for your rights, you will never be free of ‘ The Schemer‘. Hopefully, you can stay strong and true to yourself. Only then you may be one of the lucky ones, who gets to walk away with your dignity in tack, but the emotional scars and ability to trust again may never fade.

Not all abuse is physical, which makes it harder to identify. Mental Abuse is just as damaging and has a life-long effect on victims.

© Meagan Lesley

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