“R U OK ?”

It’s interesting that most of us think, at first glance, that, most disturbing comments or actions that we observe are simply, black and white. They are hypocritical, nasty, uncaring, or ignorant.
It’s not until you think deeper about one’s behaviour, that maybe, not all the time, that things could be not ok.
Do we ask? or do we judge first?
A person’s reaction or trigger to past trauma can be brought forward for any number of reasons. An event, a comment, a sound or a smell.
I guess before we jump in heads blazing, to judge someone on their actions or comments, is to stop and think for a second, ” is this a reaction to past trauma?”. In some cases, I guess it very well could be.
So, should we simply be asking, ” R U OK ?”.
Maybe for some people its a way to, try and be herd, to make a point, or let off some steam. We just have to read between the lines or get beyond someone’s frustration. A conversation could change somebody’s life.
September, has been our “R U OK ? ” month. We all need to learn to Ask, Listen, Encourage & Check-In with people. Just reach out if you feel its warranted. Maybe someone is just struggling with life and needs a friend.

“R U OK ?”



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