Long-Term Unemployment

All too often were discriminated against in some way. They may only be subtle comments or gestures, but its enough to make you feel like ‘you’re not good enough‘.
Societal acceptance has a lot to answer for and some businesses place real pressures on people, with unreal expectations on the average person. Looking for work has become much harder in today’s society. With unemployment rates high, recruitment officers have a broader choice when looking to fill vacancies. They will only take what they deem as ‘the best‘. The rest of us are left out in the cold.

Statistics say that from long-term Newstart recipients:

  • 49% of those were over 45 years old
  • 22% were over the age of 55
  • 29% had a disability, 16% were carers of children
  • 21% were from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Unfortunately, greatness and personality, doesn’t always reflect on paper and some of us don’t meet the ‘so-called ‘accepted regulatory standards. Does that make us, unemployable?

All too often we read and are told contradictory things like:

  • You must be well presented to society standards to unload a truck or talk on the phone
  • You need to recognize as Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander to be considered for this open to all person’s position
  • You must have 2 – 3 years experience with excellent office skills to be accepted for a junior administration traineeship
  • Traineeship, open to all ages. Prefer school leaver with year 12 completion
  • Must produce recent references when you’re applying for jobs as a long-term unemployed person
  • You are a single parent and don’t qualify because you’re deemed to be unstable
  • You do not qualify for a  volunteer position because you have not enough life skills at the age of 50 !!
  • Must attach 3 work references when applying for school leaver position

Whether your a ‘ Single Parent‘, ‘ New to the Workforce‘, ‘Long term Unemployed‘, ‘Homeless‘, of the ‘Older demographic‘, ‘ Have reduced Well-Being & Health‘ or simply ‘Need upskilling‘, sometimes it’s very hard to get your foot in the door. You’re deemed lazy and no-good. Not suitable or too much of a risk. The truth is often anything but that.

There seems to be a stigma attached to this type of applicant and that is, not to give them a second thought.

How are they supposed to prove themselves?….
How are they supposed to gain on the job experience? ….
How are they supposed to show employers that they wanna have a go?… when the door is closed before its even open.

Solutions to solving the Long -Term Unemployment situation.

  1. Better educational training programs with ‘ on the job training ‘ to create potential employees that better match newly available jobs.
  2. Subsidized Government Wage Incentives to encourage employers to recruit long term unemployed.
  3. Recognized life and prior learning skills recruitment programs, matching clients’ experience to specific selection criteria.
  4. Individualized Mentoring Programs supporting clients with each stage of employment from applications right through to getting a job.
  5. Job Recruitment Agencies need to take a closer look into recognising the mental and physical barriers of their clients.
  6. Encourage businesses to want to support their community by making permanent changes to help give workers the training and confidence to stay in employment.
  7. Financial assistance toward Clothing, transport, grooming and upskilling
  8. Traineeships more readily available for the older demographic
  9. Employment counselling and job matching programs

All they want is ‘A Fair Go‘.

© Meagan Lesley


Link to the Statistical Reference within this Article


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