Why am I so emotional, about stuff, I cannot change

Why do just the slightest things, sometimes…drive me insane.

Vegemite in the butter, ice trays empty in the sink

Thongs are thrown in the doorway, with no cold water left to drink.

Does all that really matter though, should I really care

Besides, it’s just the simple things, we claim to be unfair.

Stupidity, I cannot change, and ignorance is bliss

Judgment placed upon you, society and stress.

I just wish the world was logical, community was common sense

Love, respect and honesty, morals, no intent.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, ignorant of attitudes new

I just miss the good ole days, of innocence and truth.

So … what does the future hold?. What will the world become?

With hatred and racism, our children’s minds … no longer young.

Let innocence be free again, to thrive in a prosperous world

Treat others how you’d like to be treated, and embrace our poor lost souls.

© Meagan Lesley


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