The Way I Am


If you knew me and my past….You’d know how it all began

You’d understand me & why … I am … the way I am.

Was just a little country gal…Who longed to be liked.

Who needed to fit in… like the spokes on a little bike.

Not the first to be on my own… or to be unlucky in love

Not the first to come from a broken home…or to lose a precious bub.

Just wanted to be accepted for the person that I am

Never wanted to be changed …and fought to stay the same

So forgive me if I’m stubborn …forgive me if I’m blunt

Forgive me when I need attention … or just simply to be hugged.

For I’ve cried a bucketful of tears… & dealt with hurtful truths

I’ve faced a lot of unsure fears … & spent time without a roof.

So if you don’t understand ..just ask me one on one

Why I am the way I am ..& where I have come from …..

© Meagan Lesley


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