Standing Tall in a World of Narcissism

Narcissism: Noun: A person who is overly self-involved, often vain and selfish.
Uprightness: Noun: The condition or quality of being honorable or honest: rectitude.

You would think that if you are of good character and uphold ethical values, that you would be recognized as a ‘ good person’. Unfortunately, having a compassionate nature and personality sometimes leaves us open to exploitation and disrespect. We often cannot be heard, against social dominance in these post-modern times.

Whats happened to kindness?. Whats happened to treating others as you would like to be treated?. It seems good service, community spirit and valuing other’s rights have taken a backburner to selfish acts and disrespectful attitudes.

There is nothing wrong with being a little selfish..after all its a ‘dog-eat-dog world’ and we have to get what we can when we can. Money is tight and time is poor, but does that mean that we have to take down others on our journey?
Don’t you think that only hearing the tone of our own voice and blocking out the opinions of others, would become quite boring? We do not need to cheat and steal our way to the top, after all, we all end up with the same fate. Death! Shouldn’t we all embrace why were here? To love, live, learn and enjoy life.

There is so much drama and unhappiness. Crimes, Domestic & Racial Violence, Exploitation of our men, women & children, Animal cruelty, Deprivation of Liberty and the Degregation of our environment. Destructive attitudes and acts are destroying our world and our peace. We need to try and make a difference for ourselves and our children.

If you get knocked down, stand up again!. You have rights!. You have vision and ambition. Stand strong and try to be true to yourself. Not always do we get it right. Sometimes we get it terribly wrong, but that’s how we learn. Nothing diminishes dignity quite like an insult to our pride, so it’s important to own up to our mistakes and take responsibility. Being noble shows high moral principals and in turn, will earn you back respect.

We need to embrace diversity in our communities, listen to the opinions of others and take goodness from what people have to offer, no matter how different their views are from you. We may not always agree with another man’s journey, but it is who they are and what they want to represent. Let’s appreciate another perspective. Being kind, helpful and objective. Show people they are valued and they will value you in return.

We may never be able to rid the world of Narcissism but in our own little pocket of existence, we can try to make a difference.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

© Meagan Lesley


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