Sleeping With 1000 Ants 🐜

If life has taught me one thing, it is that everyone has a story. A story somewhere, of inequality, of loneliness, strength and resilience, opportunity and threat. Sounds like the page out of a business magazine, I know, but in life, it’s been just the same. The struggle to fit it, the challenges and experiences, good and bad, ultimately shape you into who you become. Fighting against that is like an uphill battle. We are who we are, born into whatever life threw at us. All we can do is find the strength to keep moving forward and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

I’ve always been a daydreamer, passionate about going after what I want, but never really realising that these small steps have been the pathway to personal inner success. A late bloomer,  held back by fears of inadequacy and other people’s opinions of me,  shaping the way I think of myself, shaping my journey. A stutterer, who has struggled to find her own voice. Sitting to the back of a room, rather than upfront, never leaving myself exposed to being put on the spot or probed for answers. It’s not that I didn’t know the answers or want to be the first one to speak up. I just couldn’t shame myself. The embarrassment I would feel. The amazing words, that just wouldn’t come out. Writing enables me to convey those words freely without the anxious, self-intimidation I’ve felt from the fear of face to face interaction.

How we are treated, loved and perceived plays a big part in our Mental Health and how we think of ourselves. It’s interesting that our individual mindsets determine how we view the world and situations. If we have a Fixed Mindset, we may believe that our qualities are inbred, fixed, and unchangeable. Part of our DNA. Those of us with a Growth Mindset may believe that our abilities can be developed and strengthened with commitment and hard work. Either way, our mindset plays a crucial role in how we cope with life’s challenges. I think personally, I possess a bit of both.

I hope that somewhere within my words to come, I am able to reach out to someone on shared common ground and help them, find their own voice. Even without knowing it, we are strong and can overcome many obstacles. Humans have a remarkable capacity to bounce back and get better at being resilient. If I can do it. you can too.

I dedicate this to my four children T, J, T & JL who have overcome adversity, inequality, hardship, and disappointments to become supportive, helpful, loving, kind, and very happy humans.

To be continued ….
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