‘Common Sense’.
How Can They Get It So Wrong ?

The US Military !! What were they thinking ? An army of intelligence against civil rights and disorder. Abandoning a barrage of arsenal for the Taliban to get their hands on.

Surely to ‘ Intelligence ‘ ensuring that this weaponry, was some of the first things to be removed from Afghanistan, along with troops,  was a ‘common sense’ thing to do ? No.. lets smash up what vital resource we can and leave the rest, with the Taliban capturing more than 100 military helicopters.

Using their own weaponry and military machinery against them in sickening displays hanging people for “treason” from US choppers for all of Afghanistan and the world to see.

There should have been no surprises’ on the cunningness of the Taliban.  How could you not predict this President Biden? The Taliban certainly pre-empted the retreat of your military and took no time in striking as soon as the opportunity arose, ’, seizing 700 US military vehicles & artillery from surrendering Afghan troops as country faces ‘total collapse’.

After Spending decades training and supporting the Afghan Military to defend themselves. Supplying them with an abundance of weapons and military machinery, surely ‘ intelligence ‘ would have had some indication of whether or not this army was ‘ Up to the Job’ !! 

What a joke !! the Former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani allegedly fled the country before the Taliban takeover with a cool $169 million in his cash-stuffed helicopter and four other vehicles, and has been given asylum in Dubai on what that country is calling “humanitarian grounds.”  Leaving behind his people to fend for themselves.

Ashraf Ghani, what a bloody disgrace you are !!

I am not an American. I am not skilled in the area of running a Stronghold Military Force. I do not have experience Leading a Nation, but, what I do have is a little ‘ common sense’ and empathy for those citizens having to flee for their lives from a country under decades of unrest and insecurities.

If this is the end result of 20 years of ‘ trying to uphold the civil rights of another country’, then it doesn’t make sense. All those hundreds a troops and military personnel from Australia, America and the United Kingdom that died for their countries, assisting the Americans to uphold Afghanistan from the Taliban, have died in vain, for sadly, their right back to where they started, all those years ago., and we are all again, under the threat of terrorism from these monsters. You may as well have just handed our heads, our women’s rights and children over onto the Taliban chopping blocks as Taliban militants shot and killed a woman for not wearing a burqa on the same day the terror group pledged a new commitment to women’s rights.

I hope someday, the people of Afghanistan find a way to fight back, reclaim their rights, their freedom and their country.


(C) Meagan Lesley

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