About Me

I wouldn’t say I’ve had it easy , but we all make our way in the world as best we can.
I’ve come to where I am today through strenght and adjility.
Life never fails to surprise me. It can change in the blink of an eye.

I’ve had to think on my feet and just keep moving forward as best I can. There have been many crossroads on my journey. Knowing which one to take, has been the hard part.
I’ve raised 4 children, predominately on my own and am very proud of the compassionate, kind and loving humans they all have become.

Honesty, good values and honour, I believe is a pathway to happiness.  
Life has thrown me many challenges and I havn’t always made the right choices, but thats how we learn, to try and not make the same mistakes again.
I think thats where my passion for writing and my commitment to  community comes in.

The view of the world has many different measures and expectations for all of us. We cant be human all on our own. Environment, Human Impact, Ignorance and Acceptance has had a profound effect on our planet.

If we could all just take one step closer to kindness,  our faith in humanity could possibly be restored.

Meagan Lesley