Kessler Syndrome

The Kessler Syndrome:
Space junk particles collide along the path of their orbit creating more debris, thus, causing more harm to satellites & rockets.

How Bloody Outrageous !!!  Who should be held accountable ?  China ? America ? Russia ? UK ? Japan ? India ? Luxemburg ? Elon Musk ?

Is it not disgraceful enough that us humans are destroying our planet with junk, waste and overuse of our resources, that we, in the name of science and technology, are destroying the space around our planet too, suffocating it with millions of space junk particles, which pose a great risk of damaging vital satellite equipment and our international space station.

Why are those countries responsible for placing things in space not being held accountable for removing these items ?

How Space Junk Works | HowStuffWorks

The NASA Orbital Debris Space Program Office lists some of these objects to be samples of:

  • Derelict (abandoned) spacecraft
  • Stages of launch vehicles
  • Solid rocket motor effluents
  • Frozen Coolants
  • Dust and paint particles
  • Nuts, bolts and screws
  • Broken bits of metals
  • Lens caps, screwdrivers and garbage bags

There is an estimated 170 million bits of junk in space and 5774 satellites that are currently orbiting the earth, with only 2666 of those satellites operational and an Elon Musk Red Tesla Roadster.  With these smaller objects ranging in size from 1-2 millimetres to 4 inches and travelling around the Earth at over 27,359 km per hour, these fragments acting like stray bullets, making collisions inevitable. A tiny fleck of paint can deliver an impact punch, equivalent to a 550 pound object moving at 97 km per hour.

How many satellites are orbiting the Earth in 2020? | Pixalytics Ltd

There have already been two collisions between satellites in 1996 and 2009 and then without consequence, China took it upon themselves in 2007 to stage an anti-sat weapon test that used a missile to destroy an old weather satellite, which added over 3,000 pieces of space junk debris into orbit. Objects orbiting below 600 km can be there for several years before re-entering into the Earth’s atmosphere.  Objects above 1,000 km can stay in orbit for centuries.

What Is Space Junk? Space Junk Definition – WorldAtlas

The United Nations set up The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) 1959 to govern the exploration and peaceful use of space to benefit of all humanity, which created five treaties, five principles and two committees, the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, and the Legal Subcommittee, so why are these establishments not doing their best to control and prosecute these countries and governments for their part in adding to the accumulation of ‘space junk‘ that is chocking our planets orbits ?

Watch this video – Space Junk Kessler Syndrome – YouTube

Crimes Against Humanity
Where Are Our Children ?

14th April 2014, the beginning of any parents nightmare. Chibok in Borneo State Nigeria. 214 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, the extremist terrorist group based in north eastern Nigeria. 11th December 2020. Kankara, North Western Katsina State, Nigeria, approximately 333 school boys were kidnapped when gunmen attacked their secondary school. Guess who has claimed responsibility once again? Boko Haram the Islamic group  who’s name means “Western education is forbidden”

The sick twisted mindsets of these disgusting bastards, using innocent children to play with, like porn’s in their, so called fantasy games of ‘Religion, Love, Power, War and Propaganda’. You have to ask yourself how and why is this happening? Tens of thousands of people have been killed in attacks by this group as they increasingly target civilians, then retreat like dogs back to the mountainous areas from which they began.

Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping

How? in a region where this apparently goes on way to often, can criminal gangs continuously get away with robbing and kidnapping innocent people for ransom. A ransom that all to often, is never paid or traded for with other agendas in play. Does the Nigerian Government not give a dam or do they just not see their citizens as a valuable asset to the future of their country,  to make more of an effort for them? Is the Government really at all interested in their fate?

Nigeria is blessed with rich natural resources, such as, Diamonds, Gold, Crude Oil, Coal and yet with all these money making resources, the government has still in this century, an inability to supply ongoing adequate clean drinking supplies for its citizens, has mass poverty and scarce availability to basic resources, so its a little understandable that ensuring the safety of its citizens comes second best against these brutal militant thugs. The basic human rights of these people are stripped and laid bare for the taking. Although Nigerian soldiers and intelligence officers are combing the forests in search of the missing school children, more needs to be done.

Lack of drinking water

Its been 6 years since the girls were taken from their school. Although almost half have escaped, been rescued by Nigerian Military forces or freed, there are still at least 100 girls missing. Some who had escaped claimed their teachers on that fateful day, just left them and didn’t try to help.

What is the fate for these innocent boys and girls? Will they be rescued? Will they escape? or will they just never return? The families are worried that their children will be brainwashed and held for years, raped, beaten and killed and all the Nigerian president can do is make statements that blame parents for not supplying enough information about their children as to one of the reason for why they cannot be rescued. Villages are frightened, afraid to leave their homes, a sanctuary that should be a safe place, but instead is a target for murder, pillage and abuse.

The full forces of the law, security and military should be standing up for these citizens, forced into jungle camps, used in propaganda videos, assaulted into sex slavery, forced to marry their kidnappers and beaten into joining this elite group of terrorists, all in the name of Islam, using terrorist plots to uphold its practices.

Education Minister Obiageli Ezekwesili claims that their soldiers are either underpaid or not paid for weeks, untrained, have poor discipline, low moral and hold dilapidated equipment. Some Generals have even come under investigation into selling arms to Boko Haram. The minister has quoted “They are incapable of eliminating these criminals. On the contrary, corrupt officers are even collaborating with them.”

Boko Haram Continues to Terrorize

When will the United Nations uphold its own laws on freedom and rights, if this government fails to do so?

This war on humanity needs to stop. Please, bring back our children !!